At PSEG Long Island, we believe in supporting the entire community, from the smallest of small business to the individuals who form the bedrock of those communities. We're working with local businesses and towns to help revitalize communities and we want to employ local residents in roles that are fulfilling and rewarding. We are committed to play our part in ensuring that the people of Long Island can breathe new life into their neighborhoods, whether it's by assisting struggling businesses or providing vital employment opportunities to people in a manner that is consistent with the diversity in those communities.


Our employees are the heart and soul of our organization. As such, we are acutely concerned about their well-being, after all a happy employee is a productive and loyal employee. PSEG Long Island understands the need for employee-led collectives designed to foster an inclusive workplace, focusing particularly on welcoming minority groups like women, veterans, individuals with other abilities as well as racially and ethnically diverse people from all over the globe. PSEG proudly sponsors a list of EBRGs (Employee Business Resource Groups) to help our employees transition by creating a sense of community so newly onboarded staff don’t feel lonely or isolated.

Based on your experience, skill set or specific interest, you may be a great match for what we are looking for. We want the best and brightest talent in the industry. Our talented employees are the backbone of our company and we're always looking for more talent. PSEG Long Island values Diversity & Inclusion. We are committed to developing an inclusive and diverse culture that empowers all of our people to contribute to our success and the betterment of their community.

Continuous Improvement is one of the core commitments of PSEG Long Island and it is essential to the company and our employees that we strive to improve upon what we were able to build since we started servicing Long Islanders in 2014. Find your career path at PSEGLI. Apply today!


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