 Business Assurance & Resilience                                                  Communications and Advertising
 Corporate Strategy and Development                                            Corporate Responsibility
 Corporate Secretary                                                                        Human Resources
 Internal Audit Services                                                                   Federal & State Gov't Affairs
 Law (Policy Environmental Health and Safety)                             Public Affairs and Sustainability
 Procurement                                                                                    Renewable Energy    

Business operations at PSEG offer a variety of exciting career opportunities in a wide range of subsets for all experienced professionals.

A job under the umbrella of business operations at PSEG could see you assigned to support some of our groundbreaking exploration projects, while learning on the job and, collaborating with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals delivering strategic business plans and solutions across the enterprise.

A career in Business Operations at PSEG is not only an excellent opportunity for ambitious individuals to progress in one of the industry’s most innovative companies, it's also a chance to continue developing yourself as a professional and work with cutting-edge tools and systems.

Casting its influence on many areas of PSEG’s business operations, this group requires remarkable, creative candidates who can build and maintain relationships, provide support and solutions to our lines of businesses, and have the drive to effectively navigate across a multitude of competencies while maintaining our high quality and ethical standards.

As many of our roles involve working with cross-functional teams, your ability to work in an end-to-end environment will be beneficial. You will be part of a group that offers mentorship focused on nurturing your professional and personal development and work in an environment that supports and promotes diversity, collaboration and social responsibility.