Coaching and Mentoring
At the outset, you will be assigned a senior supervisor to help guide your progression. They will agree a planned course of action with you and provide all the means necessary to achieve your career goals.

New Roles and Project Assignments
You will have the opportunity to sample two or three roles, each offering a broad range of challenging responsibilities.

Formal Training
To enhance your practical training, you will be enrolled onto formal learning courses specific to your area of expertise. They may include offsite or onsite learning, depending on your chosen discipline.


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Exciting intern and co-op opportunities are often available in the following areas:

Customer Service | Distribution | Finance | Gas Operations | Human Resources

Information Technology | Nuclear | Power Generation | Transmission


Want to find out what it's like to work for a Fortune 300 company?

If you're in good academic standing, are motivated and eager to learn to develop professionally, you can gain hands-on experience by participating in one of our paid internships or co-op programs. These coveted spots provide challenging projects, plus opportunities to network and learn from some of the brightest minds in business.











The Future of Energy Depends on the Sustainable Work We Do Today.

Discover PSEG’s commitment and approach to sustainability. Embedded in the way we work are: Energy Efficiency & Sustainability. In September of 2019, PSEG’s Chairman, President and CEO Ralph Izzo launched his 5 Things to Tackle Climate Change – a climate strategy that fits on one hand.


The 5 Things in desperate need of attention and action to reduce the most damaging impacts of climate change are:

1. Energy efficiency

2. Preserving carbon-free nuclear energy

3. A price on carbon

4. Renewable energy

5. Electrifying transportation

"You don't need to be a physicist or an engineer to see that we need to act on climate now to avoid the most damaging impacts of climate change in the future," Izzo said. "If we hope to mitigate the most damaging impacts of our changing climate, it's clear that there are five things we need to do – some more quickly than others."